Catalyst Apps Val D'Souza CEO

Val D'Souza


An internet entrepreneur since 1998, Val has created startups that survived the Dot-Com bubble burst and have thrived into the cloud computing era. His mission today is to empower our teams to craft games that truly deliver.

Catalyst Apps P. Keenan Gividen Head of Studio

P. Keenan Gividen

Head of Studio

Building online multi-player experiences since 1998, Keenan has designed, developed and produced over 16 titles during his gaming career. He brings solid design practices to the orchestration of our development teams.

Catalyst Apps Denis Balon COO

Denis Balon


Denis started his career managing IT projects in 2003. In 2009 he set out to manage the growth of Catalyst Apps from inception and continues to oversee project, studio and staffing operations.

Catalyst Apps Artem Nasenyuk Head of Production

Artem Nasenyuk

Head of Production

Artem has leveraged years of programming experience into project management and game production. Being a control-freak and rational perfectionist by nature Artem pushes planning and execution to their optimal limits.

Catalyst Apps Ralf C. Adam Advisor

Ralf C. Adam


Ralf got his start in the game industry in the early ‘90s. Since then he has worked as a Producer/Head of Development for a multitude of publishers and game studios, contributing to more than 60 titles during his career.


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