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Developing games since 2010!

Our flagship game Pet City has been going strong for almost 8 years. We're also building a brand new platform for future games.

feels like family

"Feels like Family"

Our teams are organized into highly cohesive units where cooperation, loyalty and passion have fueled our success.

Did you know... 20M people have played Pet City and Pet Buddies


Our vision at CatalystApps is to provide compelling catalysts in our games to trigger social engagement and social connections that lasts years.
Players come to play our games and truly stay for their in-game friends!

We've released over 100 new items each week in our flagship game Pet City on Facebook (and now Pet City 2) and mobile game Pet Buddies over the last 8 years. Our talented artists and animators have created thousands of beautiful decor items and animations for our players to enjoy. Each weekly release has involved concept development across culture and fantasy themes.

Pet City game on Facebook. Developed by CatalystApps

Pet City was released on Facebook in June 2011. Weekly in-game releases have since generated over 60k+ items, 10k+ animations.

The success of Pet City was further leveraged with the release of a new game on iOS, Pet Buddies, which utilized in-house developed GAF technology to migrate over 10,000 complex animations to Mobile. For our latest venture, we've assembled a crack team that's focused on building a Match 3 game with a room decor meta component to help spearhead into the next phase of company growth.


Pet City on Facebook

Pet City player review

I've played many games, but Pet City is by far my favorite! I absolutely love that game. The developers know how to deliver top-notch content with outstanding graphics, animation, and customer support. With so many other game developers, you're lucky to get any sort of customer support responses at all, let alone direct responses from the developers themselves. If it's from CatalystApps, you know you're in for top-notch quality. Many thanks from this very happy and satisfied player!!

Pet City Player

Pet City player review

I never stop admiring the graphics, animations and other incredible features in Pet City. I love that the developers are constantly communicating with the players. I've played many other games and nothing comes even close to the wonderful experiences I've enjoyed in this game and the friends I've made. I'm so thankful to the game and Devs and crew for this wonderful game we have in our lives and just wish you will stay with us forever.

Pet City Player

Pet Buddies on iOS

Pet Buddies player review

Here I've met lifetime friends with similar interests. The admins. and developers are fantastic! They provide excellent service and care for their players and they always make themselves easily accessible. If there is ever an issue, which is rare, the response time is super fast and always pleasant. They go out of their way every week to give us thoughtful, high quality releases and always take into consideration suggestions from their players. This means a lot to those who play!! Other comparable games just don't stack up. To say that I love this game is an understatement. Thank you for an awesome experience!! I'm hooked!

Pet Buddies player

Pet Buddies player review

I have been playing Pet Buddies for almost a year and I can honestly tell you that it takes a lot to get my attention and keep it. Well I'm still here. It's more than a game. It's an Experience like you won't get from any other game, not only with your neighbors but with a wonderful crew, the Pet Buddy Crew! They work around the clock getting new releases ready every week. Then you have Val Dsouza, one of the creators of Pet Buddies, and he's hands on! How many games have you played that have that? Pet Buddies is #1 iOS game in my book!

Pet Buddies player


We're a talented mix of artists, illustrators, animators, graphic designers, producers, programmers and support staff whose love and passion for creating great games has translated into eight years of steady growth of our game studio.

CatalystApps team