When social greeting apps were all the rage on Facebook back in 2007, we assembled a small team to build apps that would serve as a catalyst for social interaction. Thus Catalyst Apps was born. While many of these ultra casual apps experienced explosive growth, we decided we wanted to create apps with deeper engagement and monetization potential. Pet City was one such app that eventually morphed into an elaborate game and became the company’s flagship boutique game product with a very devoted player base. After 7 years of live ops with Pet City, we’ve accumulated considerable know-how in the pets nurture / decorate genre which we plan to springboard to greater success with follow up titles. We also plan to launch a new puzzle game in the near future to extend our female centric games focus.


Catalyst Apps Val D'Souza CEO. CEO / Team Enabler
Val D'Souza
CEO / Team Enabler

An internet entrepreneur since 1998, Val has created startups that have helped people connect and extend their social lives online. His mission today is to empower teams to craft social games that truly deliver.

Catalyst Apps Artem Nasenyuk Head of Studio Operations
Artem Naseniuk
Head of Studio Operations

Artem has leveraged years of programming experience into project management and game production. Being a control-freak and rational perfectionist by nature Artem pushes planning and execution to their optimal limits.

Catalyst Apps. Sergey SOrokin. Head of New Projects, R&D
Sergei Sorokin
Head of New Projects, R&D

Sergei has been a game developer and game design lead for over 10 years. His ability and obsession to deliver tangible results on a daily-basis has helped generate solid results in the shortest time possible.


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